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Easy Love Verse Harmonies - R5 from Heart Made Up On You

It sounds a little drowned and weird, cause I was trying to remove the vocals, but instead I found this gem. I removed most of the melody, and it sounded weird for most of the song, but the harmony it brought forth here….. UGH


Chords for Easy Love!!!

Verses and chorus : F Am F C

Bridge: ( this is the only part that might be a bit confusing )

G                                                  F
I don’t believe that nothing lasts Forever

                  C             G
And everytime you’re feeling down

I know we’re gonna work it out

G                                          F
And I know we can’t live without each other

( and it keeps F until the end of the bridge )

Done! Let me know if you find these usefull and you want me to do the other songs :3 )

My Life as a Fangirl

  • Guy:Hey.... You should be my girlfr-
  • Me:No.
  • Guy:Well, you and this guy would be cute togeth-
  • Me:No.
  • Guy:Are you a lesbian?
  • Me:No.
  • Guy:Asexual?
  • Me:No.
  • Guy:What is your problem?
  • Me:Are you a member of R5? Or any other band?
  • Guy:Who's R-
  • Me:And that's why I'll never date you. I only like guys who I'll never have a chance with.
  • Guy:Plea-
  • Me:I have my heart made up on a Lynch boy. You are not one. Or a Ellington Ratliff. Deal with it.


I’ve seen some people talking about Ross drinking or taking drugs.  And before we go any further on that, I’ll say this: These gifs are all Ross totally sober.  Take a good look at these and try to imagine Ross drunk or high.  Scary thought, isn’t it.  LOL.

Thanks to all who made the gifs. If you made one and would like me to specifically thank you and mention which gif you made, please contact me and I will do so,  

Exactly. Like, if he is, that’s his business, but I’m pretty good at detecting if someone is, and he definitely is not. Plus I don’t think stormie would want him to wear a shirt advertising it if he was….she’d avoid it.